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tx #1 wagamons pond start time 630 (safe light) finish 1pm

Posted by DrTopwater on March 23, 2014 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

we will set start time for 630 or safe light we will wrap it up at 1pm sharp. also reminder to sell your remaining raffle tix and bring the ones you have sold to the tx sooner or later we have to decide on what to do with the profits long as we sell the tix. Also i will arrive early to collect dues and tix larger the bills the faster it will go . Good luck to all see you at the ramp and sell your darn tix THANK YOU. P.S. any questions call me

results from open tx couseys and killens

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Thanks to everyone who showed up for the open tx. Turned out really good and went pretty smooth for are first attempt at a split pond tx. We had 19 of the 20 scheduled boats turn up and the weather held off for us to have a good day. We were able to pull out a few fish and even a couple really nice lunkers off each pond. If anybody wants to elaborate on there lures or there day feel free in the comments. Also thank you to the few people who actually turned in some raffle tix and cash. So far with the few people who have turned in cash from raffle tix we have collected 1,145 dollars from just a few people which is good but if we want to do more like the bigger open tx on the nanticoke we all have to sell these tix and help out as many people we can. Please dont count on the a small group of members to sell all the tix its just not fair. PLEASE try as hard as you can to sell them then come to me for help.  That way we all benefit from everyone putting in the work. My results for courseys are below and jeremy will follow up with killens results and pics as soon as he can thanks again to everyone.



1ST JOSH AND RON ...........................................8.42 WITH COUSEYS LUNKER OF 5.87

2ND LARRY AND MIKE........................................3.99

3RD KEN REYNOLDS AND PARTNER................2.80

4TH PATICK AND STEVE.....................................2.51

5TH BRIAN AND JARROD....................................1.90

6TH LARRY AND PABLO......................................1.62

7TH JASON ROTH AND PARTNER......................1.55

8TH AND 9TH DALTONS (caught one fish but chose not bother weighing in ) and PHILLIP AND PARTNER (weighed no fish)


1ST: ROY/DAVE......................................7.31 (KILLENS AND OVERALL LUNKER OF 7.31)

2ND: DARREN/DARREN JR...................3.27

3RD: JEREMY/TERRANCE.....................2.65

4TH: JACK/RICH......................................2.56

5TH: EDDIE..............................................1.92

6TH: DAVE/MARCUS...............................1.65


after tx meet at courseys

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 after all is done with the tx i will meet with everyone at courseys to take a raffle tix count and collect any money from your sales and the stubs for raffle. if you have alot of smaller bills and you can convert them to larger bills it will make things easier and faster. also i will take dues from anybody that wants to pay them early and get them out of the way before wagamons. please dont try and hand them in before tx see me at courseys after everything has wound down other than that good luck enjoy the tx and have fun. P.S. please arrive early enough to get in water and situated before the start theres gonna be 10 boats per lake and one ramp. ok now im done see ya"ll sunday

open tx draft

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if we decide to let people request ponds the following list is pretty much how it will be layed out so please read and leave your opinion. next to names you will also notice if they requested the pond or were placed. first and formost my goal is for people to have a good time and enjoy the lake there on so i like to honor peoples request if at all possible but if things get lopsided we would have no choice but to go to a draw so please leave a msg if your happy with the layout or if you prefer a draw this is not a dictatorship so majority rules your opinion does count and your not gonna hurt my feelings if you disagree.(you might be last to launch but you wont hurt my feelings) just kidding. do please read and type your opinion thanks.

                         *********** ENTRY FEE FOR THIS TX IS 30.00 PER BOAT THIS INCLUDES LUNKER FEE ************

                                              START TIME 730   FINISH 130

   KILLENS (FULL)                                                                               COURSEYS (FULL)

 roy and partner....requested                                                        brian j and partner ... requested

jax and rich...requested                                                               larry and mike...requested

jeremy and terrence..placed                                                        ken herman and partner..requested

 eddie and partner...placed                                                         jason roth and partner..requested

darren roth and partner...placed                                                 The Daltons..placed

larry and partner signed up on web..placed                                larry and partner..daltons friend placed

kenny and partner...placed                                                          phillip and partner

tony knight and nephew...placed                                                  larry and puablo...requested

dave and marcus...requested                                                       patrick and steve...placed

 tom cahill and partner ...requested                                              josh and ron.....requested    

10 boat pay out is 100 1st 60 for 2nd 40 3rd per lake 100 dollar bonus for big bag over all 40 dollar bonus over all lunker

9 boat pay out per lake is same as above with a 50 dollar over big bag bonus and a 30 dollar bonus for over all lunker

8 boat pay out 87 for 1st 52 2nd 35 3rd per lake 50 dollar big bag bonus 30 dollar over all lunker

please read and leave opinion

open tx update please read!!!!

Posted by DrTopwater on February 20, 2014 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (7)

Due to all the questions and concerns about the open tx im gonna try and simplify this. I propose we knock it down to 2 lakes KILLENS and COURSEYS both decent size lakes and both fish good in the early spring. We allow 10 boats per lake split the club evenly this will allow us to have approx 6 non members or guest to fish the tx 3 per lake. Killens will be weighed in first biggest bag and lunker then transported to courseys for over all weigh in. each lake gets paid out plus a bonus for over all big bag and over all lunker pay out would be as follows.

based on 10 boats per lake at 30 dollars per boat this INCLUDES lunker.

200 goes to pay out 50 goes to overall bonus

100 for 1st

60 for 2nd

40 for 3rd

lunker 30 dollars per lake 20 goes to overall bonus

This is per lake.

over all big bag gets 100 dollar bonus 50 from each lake

over all lunker gets 40 dollar bonus 20 from each lake

possible winnings could total 270 dollars if somebody sweeps the board.

The other option would be to just keep it a club tx on one lake. We are working on a bigger open tx on the nanticoke later in the year after raffle tix are sold we will know more about that tx.

A draw will be used to place people on these lakes Unless we can choose with out any issues so please leave atleast 2 comments your choice club or open tx and then the lake you prefer followed by any other thoughts if you dont have a preference say so and you will be placed on the lake with the lower count. Also remember it cost a couple dollars to park at killens. i hope this works out for everyone cause i would really like to get this straight by sunday night thanks again.


Tri-Pond DBC Open

Posted by Jeremy Drago on February 17, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (10)

If you intend on fishing the open tournament on March 16th, please sign up here and list what your choice out of the 3 ponds would be.  The ponds available to fish are Haven, Griffiths and Blairs.  If there is to many people who want to fish a certain pond, we will just have a drawing to see who fishes what pond.  Start time is 6:30 or whenever it is safe enough to launch.  We will fish until 2 or 3, end time will be determined as we get closer to the date.  I think it would be best if we didnt over do it on boats, give everyone some room to fish if we can but that is only one mans opinion.  


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Hey guys and gal, just wanted to ask everyone to try their best to make as many tournaments as possible. I understand emergency and family obligations, but I know we have had times in the past where people didn't show up much towards the end because they were not in the running or they barely came to any tournaments at all. I am not singling anyone out, but just asking that if you are going to join the club, that you show up as much as possible. We have people on a waiting list and we just would hate to possibly waste a spot on someone who isn't committed when there are people wanting to join that could possibly be more active. I think last year we did pretty good for most of the season but had a decline in the end. If a team doesn't make at least 10 tournaments, They will not be considered for membership next season, unless of course of extenuating circumstances. We have a good group and i know I enjoy fishing with and against you guys and just want to see us have another great year.

group me app

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I would like everyone who can, to download the group me app on your phone. This will be a good tool to communicate with each other without having to actually have a meeting. This will be helpful, say, someone gets to a pond early and there is a problem like another club their or something of that nature. The link below is for our group, if you click on it you should be able to download the app and join the group. If this link is unclickable, please copy and paste into your phone browser.

schedule is posted on calender

Posted by DrTopwater on February 9, 2014 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

schedule is posted on calender.  all start and stop times are subject to change and we all know they will. so please nobody freak out telling me the sun wont be up at certain tx they are just a guide line to get us started. i also posted the 2 other open tx dates in our schedule these are suggestion dates we can work out after we get money turned in from raffle tix. any questions feel free to call

Delaware Bass Stalkers starting a team tournament series on Saturdays

Posted by Jeremy Drago on January 28, 2014 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The delaware bass stalkers are putting together a team tournament series on Saturdays.  They will be fishing 6 events and the details are:

5 hour tournaments

Team Format-3 fish limit

Best five tournaments count towards AOY

1 tournament a month, April-September

10 boat max

50.00 per team

If 10 boats enter this team series, 50.00 payout to winner per event

End of year trophies, awards and luncheon.

Tournament Dates (Ponds will be named later)

April 19

May 24

June 21

July 19

August 16

September 13

If any of you guys are interested, please contact Jeff Chinski @ [email protected] or let me know and I can contact him if you wish.